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Photo by Valentino Scaramella
Written & Performed by Lauren Cauchy & Amanda Logan

An original play about two girls struggling to find the exact recipe to success in a less than perfect world. The recipe they follow? One ounce hope, two cups charm, and a whole lotta psycho. 

Written & performed by Lauren Cauchy and Amanda Logan
Directed by Madeline Boyes-Manseau

"Its a good thing" - Martha Stewart

Praise about Chocolate Cake:

"Credit to the acting and to the script's build up." - Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel

"Cauchy and Logan play off each other really nicely and [...] showed their chops," // "It’s a clever piece that certainly speaks to the millennial generation and can also be seen through a feminist lens without ever coming across as too aggressive," // "Chocolate Cake is sweet, yet dark…just like its namesake!" - Brie MacFarlane, New Ottawa Critics

SOLD OUT performance at Live! On Elgin, November 25th 2016.



Photo by Tina Wallace
Written & Performed by Lauren Cauchy, Alli Harris & Amanda Logan

Afternoon delight, hanky panky, souring the kraut.
Doin’ It.

Join Lauren, Amanda and musical guest Alli in a late night talk show all about sex positivity. Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with one hot lesbian as The Roots, and two rad babes as Jimmy.

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Praise about Lauren & Amanda Do It:

"Definitely Go Do It with “Lauren & Amanda".” - New Ottawa Critics

“…you’ll laugh just as hard the second time around.” - Apt613

**WINNERS** of the Jury's Choice Award, Ottawa Fringe 2017
APT613 TOP 5 BEST NEW WORKS, Ottawa Fringe 2017
JENNY REVUE NOMINATION, Winnipeg Fringe 2017



Photo by Ming Wu
Written & Performed by Lauren Cauchy, Alli Harris & Amanda Logan

It's the end of summer camp when three girl scouts compare what badges they have earned throughout their summer and which they have yet to complete.
A psychological thriller.

Praise about BADGES:

"The three actresses deliver hilarious but solid performances, [...] The positive synergy between the three women is intoxicating, and I didn’t want them to get off stage." - Livia Belca, APT613

"Tightly written and deeply funny," - Mer Weinhold