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A thank you note to all the women in theatre;

To Alli & Kristine of Rhythm & Burgundy - you're incredibly hilarious and talented.  We're obsessed with you.  Keep writing songs about Voldemort plz.
To Mado - thank you for taking a chance with us.  We put our show in your hands.  Thank you for trusting us and moulding it.
To Lydia - you consistently not just disprove the stereotype that technical theatre is for men, but are incredible at what you do.

To Victoria, Zoe, Robin (x2), Kate, Madeleine, Mahalia, Emily, Brenda, Lindsay, Kelsie, Meaghan, Tina, Hannah, Margo, Laura (again, x2), Kat, Louisa, Mel, Patrice, Ashley, Christine, Elise, Catriona, Chelsea, Annie, Carley, Rebecca, Jess, Caitlin, Killsey, Rachel, Mekdes, Jacki, Sarah and EVERYONE ELSE I DIDN'T FORGET YOU MY COMPUTER IS JUST ABOUT TO DIE... 

Thank you.

You continue to motivate and inspire us.  This all female theatre company is pumped to have all of you in our lives.


Girl Fuckin Power


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