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It's been a whirlwind of a summer for Toasted, to say the least.

In December of 2016 we set out to create a new show that had been brewing in our minds for a long while - a sex positive show.  This was the base of our idea; to create an open, safe space to discuss sex, love and health. 
As rehearsals and time went on, Lauren & Amanda Do It was born.  A late night talk show where we could interview guests with diverse sexual experiences and make everyone feel a little bit better about their sex lives.
Well, it seems that is just what Ottawa needed.  After premiering the show at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival Lauren & Amanda Do It (LAADI) won Jury's Choice Award of the festival, as well as ended up listed as one of Apt613's Top 5 Best New Works.  After the success of LAADI in Ottawa, we were thrilled to bring the show to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.
And Winnipeg was...hard.  Draining.  Emotional.  Worth it.  It was an incredibly challenging experience where the community who attends Fringe is vastly different from Ottawa.  Where show "star ratings" mean the world, and a bad review can bury you.  Now, we're not saying this is a bad thing.  Not really sure how to feel about it, but it sure makes it difficult to trudge through.
We were lucky enough to have some incredible guests appear on our show.  Artists including Kate Smith, Lana Schwartz and Martin Dockery, to name a few.  And though it was hard, it did come with some sweet reward, we walked away with a nomination for a Jenny Revue Award.  However, no type of award can ever top the feeling of an audience member asking to hug you after the show, thanking you for a safe space. Lauren & Amanda Do It means a lot to us, and we look forward to continuing performing the show in the future.  This is not the end of LAADI.

In the mean time, we've got something else cookin' right now.  We can't say anything official just yet, but stay tuned.

All our love,

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