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#ToastedTrivia 4 Ever

In case you missed it, for the past few months Toasted has been hosting trivia on occasion at Live! On Elgin.  This began as just something fun to fill the odd night at Live and since then it has rapidly grown.  Out of our four trivia events hosted so far, three of them have sold out!  Thanks to this incredible success, we are pleased to announce that #ToastedTrivia will now be a regular, monthly occurrence at Live!

The first Thursday of each month we will be hosting themed trivia!  A new, fresh theme every month, chosen by YOU.  Come to one of our trivia events and put in your say for a request of theme.  Or, simply email us and we will keep track of the most requested trivia nights. We will be starting off 2017 with How I Met Your Mother on January 5th.

Thank you to all of you trivia nerds out there for your continued support.  It's because of you that this will continue on!

Stay warm and crunchy,
Toasted <3

Trivia host, Amanda Logan, and guest host, Alli Harris, at #ToastedTrivia Disney Edition

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